Fees / Service

Budget to choose property Cherry Picked Choices Fee Payment to begin searching (non refundable) Final payment after findings
From £100,000 up to £500,000 £125 £60 £65
 From £500,001 up to £925,000 £250  £125  £125

Within 5 days of your requirements being sent to CPC with your 50% deposit, we will search the internet, and liaise with estate agents for at least 6 most suitable results matching your specific requirements. CPC will supplement any information considered to be useful, but missing, from the property details produced by the estate agents. The minimum information provided will include:

  1. Outline information on the immediate and surrounding areas.
  2. Room dimensions, floor plan and internal photographs (where available).
  3. Comparison prices/properties to the Cherry Picked Choices provided to you.
  4. Contact details for the estate agent(s) selling the property.
  5. Email and phone support from CPC on ad-hoc queries regarding any local facilities you require in close proximity to the property, e.g. distance to local university, cinema or hospital.

For your convenience (if required), Cherry Picked Choices will view properties on your behalf and provide a report to you for a fee of £50.00 per property.  The report will include external photographs of the property, including the surrounding area, the visible condition of the property and grounds, and any undesirable problems not mentioned in the estate agents details such as unsightly warehouses, noisy roads or lack of parking.  Please note though, that the report compiled by Cherry Picked Choices is in no way similar to a surveyor’s report.

Payment can be discussed during an initial discussion on your requirements and timescales involved.



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