How are my Cherry Picked Choices selected?

CPC is familiar with the estate agents in the Northamptonshire and North Devon areas, both in the locality of their offices, their website offerings, local property portals and daily checks on national property portals.  With CPC being familiar enough with properties on the market to identify a new property offered to market on Day 1, it can be an advantage when the property (commercial or residential) is desirable.

What do I get for my money?

CPC will provide a convenient service, that will save you time, make property selection easier for you, and save you money by preventing fruitless viewings. CPC also uses their detailed knowledge of the Northamptonshire and North Devon property market to select you value for money properties or suggest comparison prices for you to use when negotiating a purchasing price.

What if I change my mind about buying a property in Northamptonshire or North Devon after I’ve instructed you?

CPC will put the search on hold, and retain the deposit but wait for further instructions from you regarding the location you would like us to look in.

What if I don’t like the cherry picked choices you send me?

CPC are confident in matching your cherry picked properties closely to the brief you provide. At least six properties will be chosen for you before the final payment is requested, however if you wish CPC to keep sending you results after the payment is made, and when the “market has refreshed”, we will be very happy to do so.

Occasionally buyers view many (many!!) properties before their ideal property is found or a reasonable compromise is reached.

Our determination to find you your ideal property quickly and conveniently, is as strong as your goal is to select, purchase the property and enjoy all that Northamptonshire and North Devon has to offer.

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