Post Lockdown

Tuesday, July 28th, 2020

Estate agents have been back to being fully functional for several weeks now, at the time of writing this post – the restrictions were lifted mid May 2020 with a massive impact due to viewings, completions and removals being placed on hold from March.

Zoopla estimated that 373,000 property sales were put on hold at an approximated value of £82 billion.

From reading numerous articles, it would appear that prices in London have been more negatively impacted than surrounding counties, mostly due to the increase in working from home, and the desire to move to properties with gardens and space rather than London commuter convenience.

The Stamp Duty Holiday implemented recently, until 31st March 2021, has help to boost incentives to move, with savings as follows:

House Prices of £300,000 could make potential savings of £5,000

House Prices of £450,000 could make potential savings of £12,500

House Prices of £500,000 could make potential savings of £15,000.

Let’s hope the above Stamp Duty savings will manage to prevent too big a slump in the property market.

Stamp Duty Holiday savings


Looking up?

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

It almost seems reckless to suggest this but ….

Is it possible that the property market is beginning to show signs of returning to normality?  Have prices stopped sliding down and now starting to remain realistic?

Only sellers would want prices to start rising, therefore to be realistic it would be ideal if there was a period of stability, where buyers can feel confident that the prices they pay now will not tumble shortly after purchase.

Reading and watching the press shows indications that this time is arriving – hooray!

Lets return to being confident with property being our best and biggest asset.