Northampton Average Prices

Estimates provided by Zoopla show that the average value of a property in Northampton is £263,153 in January 2018.

This is a rise of 1.49% since October 2017 and 5.34% over the last twelve months.

Zoopla estimate the average cost of a flat in Northampton to be £150,037, and a terraced house to be £191,768.

Zoopla also provide figures that of 4,140 sales in the last twelve months, in Northampton, the average amount paid is £245,959.

The Zed-Index is a useful tool provided by Zoopla because you can break down the findings to be more specific, for instance 1,319 detached properties were sold in the last twelve months with £356,010 being the average price paid.


Average property prices

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